Become an inbound genius, learn how to...

Get More Traffic

Paid or Organic, Learn where to find and how to get the targeted traffic you need to fill the top of your marketing funnel.

Create WINNING Content

Discover how to identify the content your customers need to facilitate buying. (and give it to them.)

Capture More Leads

Discover the secrets that compell your prospects to opt-in and then qualify themselves for your products & services.

Nurture Your Prospects

Compelling your prospect to take the next step and contact you can seem impossible. Learn to create content your prospects can't resist engaging.

Increase Conversions

Conversion rates will make or break the ROI of your campaigns.  Learn the secrets to improving conversion rates no matter where you're starting from..

SEO & Assisted Execution 

Many people have SEO agencies actively doing work for them each month. Implement these tactics to leavage and maximse their work.


Marketing managers & business owners love inbound genius!

Are you running paid ads on Google, Facebook or other platform ?

Your Adwords guy won't admit this, but only a small number of people who visit your site are ready to buy. As you already know, getting traffic online is expensive and if you're getting the standard 3-5% conversion rate from paid media, then you're wasting 95% of your budget on clicks that go nowhere.  All the while, a new breed of marketer is getting 25% even 35% conversions using one tiny secret.

They're priming their prospects to buy with targeted content. Instead of begging customers to call now, contact us, buy here or book a free appointment, the new breed of marketers are doing something different.  They understand their buyer, have crafted content and tools these people need, and then given it to them free of charge via opt-in systems.

If you're already using paid traffic, NOT offering free content virtually guarantees it's costing you too much.


Che worked closely with our executive team to deliver a content strategy and marketing funnel that was exactly what we needed bring the buyers to our door. I would recommend Che to anyone looking for a holistic solution to online sales and lead generation

- Candice Woollcott -


Marketing Manager Divvy Parking

Founder / CEO  Konnect Digital

- Warren Carr -


Che has a deep technical knowledge combined with a proven track record in understanding buyer behavior and sales. In an industry where buyers are becoming increasingly educated, Che's ability to understand both sides of digital marketing - technical & psychological, will only increase his value further.

Co-Founder | CEO LawPath

- Damien Andreasan -


"if you're looking for a another salesman or a 'yes' man, then this isnt the man you should be speaking to. However if you need someone to help you understand how it really is and more importantly, how it's going to be... Then Che is the guy to help you navigate your shift from the old offline methods to the new online channels driving businesses of today"



What is inbound genius?

Inbound genius was created to help as many people as possible reimagine their marketing from the customer's point of view and adapt your marketing to new high-value techniques. 

Mostly. If your product or service is high value then inbound marketing can work for you.  Content marketing strategies work best for larger purchases involving complex buying cycles and pre-purchase research by the buyer. 

Can I sell ANYTHING this way?



I already have an SEO/marketing agency

Great. They should be happy you're investing time in content marketing. The infomation provided on inbound genius will help you add value and leverage their work, building on what they already do.

How long does it take?


Inbound marketing requires a strategic focus.  you will learn that researching, content creation and building other assets can take weeks to complete. We show you that the real benifit is your content assets are evergreen and continue to deliver value to you and your customers for years to come.


Don't have the time to do it all on your own ?

If you want it all done for you from IDEA to EXECUTION, then get in touch with the team behind inbound genius

Generate Traffic, Capture Leads, Build Influence & DESTROY THE COMPETITION



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